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PROLOGUE (Unredacted)


AI had nothing on nature anymore!

Firstly, on behalf of all Ethelonian's of all provinces, Welcome to Paradise!


These are excerpts, from Martian transmissions, there was never a transmission that made it to Earth, and vice versa for almost 30 years.


Communication is now as simple as Twitter was, thanks solely to the re-arrival of the Administrator.


It will take 349 years to get from Earth to the first thriving habitat on Mars. Billions of lives would end during this time on planet Earth.

Over six hundred thousand would perish the very second, we made our first descent onto ruby soil.

All but two vessels landed, one is still lost.

This is the start of an epic true story, the tale of the very first 'Family' to safely land on the red planet we now call, Ethelonia.


Entry Credit – Commander Elton Finlay



Welcome to Ethelonia!


My name is Elton Finlay, Commander of Vessel, Olympia. My ship was the very first ever to land on the red planet, ready for habitat, and my steps were those, the very first of billions, to set out onto once inhabitable terrain.



For 27 years I would reluctantly lead as Administrator, the Ads of all Ethelonia.


Only a few years later, came the establishment of Elonia, the largest and now the Capital City. And I would become its Ads, as my love, would commence her role as Ads, of all Ethelonians.


Kudos is at my disposal, but mine belongs to My Partner, Eloise Revelon, the true hero of this tale, and rightful Ads of all Ethelonians.


She was to disappear on a routine mission to Alba Mons, only seconds after saving my life. Exactly 60.00 of them precisely, my plugs would later confirm.



Returning 27 Earth years to the day, Millisecond exact, Eloise stood in front of me again.


She held an odd-shaped circular hollow tube, like a lab test tube that had been distorted. Those hands, I had missed their touch for too long. Eloise stepped closer and finally, she would reach out to me again, the day had come!


Eloise cleared her throat; she'd do this only when telling me something extremely important.

Not even a Hello. - Always direct, too direct sometimes.


I was to shut my trap and listen. That was what she meant, this, you never forget after your first encounter with your Ads, not the Eloise off duty, my partner - and you'll soon get to know this amazing being, I call, my E.


The transparent tube started moving in her palm. Eloise's voice was music to my human ears.

OH, but how it is such a symphony now.

Listening and hearing are, or was, a human's less attributable quality at differentiating facts at times.

But that will be a future entry I will share, in quieter times. Woof! is all I will say, for now, Woof! The Symphony.


The tube was circling her wrist, its transparency was gone. and E started to speak. With each of her words, the tube moved or pulsed.


It had now formed itself into a perfect bracelet on her wrist. The pulse seemed to be reacting to her words. I would soon learn that this artifact, reacted to sound, Eloise's vibrations.


Humans couldn't hear it, but Ethelonians do.


As Eloise continued, her pitch and tonality would affect the way this thing moved. Growing and rising, edging itself up her arm, in unison with her sounds.


As E stopped talking, I wasn't sure to be more in awe of what she had just told me, or seriously just totally freak about what I just witnessed.


E, she, as usual, was so nonchalant. This once glass-like test tube, now almost finished its way up, curling around her neck.

Pulsations, like it, breathed, its lights dimmed as the last words were spoken by Eloise. It was slowing its movement, nestling over her shoulders.

This artifact would end its journey from E's palm, transformed into a necklace, draped perfectly around the neck of my love.

This 'Necklace' was now back to a transparent tube, this time perfectly rounded, enveloping her nape. It looked to exhale for the last time, in unison with Eloise doing the same, with the final word of her 27-year tale, it settled around her neck.


She hadn't reacted to any of it.

The necklace had circled itself and worked all the way around E's neck. Turning a solid colour once complete, it resembled gold to look at, just a very large and solid gold necklace really, it just had a little bit redder of a hue.


End Entry


For more Etheloinian entries from the Commanders diaries, please continue with optional links as listed in the catalogues of Ethelonia and the personal entries of the crew from Vessel Olympia.


Renditions of readings, when heard by AI on Ethelonia can be easily distorted, as our tonalities and inflections can be very different based on your choice of voiced assistance.


Human traits of hearing differ from those of Elonia and all Provinces once the transformation is complete.


It is advised to read the script and documents as they were written by the Commander or Ads of the time.


Perception is reality sometimes, so all Artificial Intelligence Interactivity with humanity is metered, or simplified, so as to easily decipher between each species.


The Olympia Six'

The Olympia Six

First Family of Ethelonia

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