Eloise Revelon

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Excerpts from Ethelonian Transmissions (Unredacted)

These are the transcripts of the First Administrator, Eloise Revelon, of Ethelonia. 


As Ads (Administrator) for Olympus, my duty was the highest honour of service one can aspire to become. 


In rank terms on a vessel, it counts for little more than a vote. If required during interplanetary flights, a. An Ads could be released from stasis to stop the escalation of an argument from getting into something rowdy, as only essential crew and cargo were awake, or in use - and it has only happened once.


As a Vessel HTNE (Human Task Non-Essential), my place was in stasis with the other crew until required. 

Upon landing, the first to come out of sleep-mode (Stasis) is the Ads, and with other (surviving) Ads, and select human or (STC) Specific Task Cargo, we would bio-link to thousands of landed vessels. 

An Ads controls the 'Habitat' for the vessel's population. Everything relies on us to transition the vessel from flight to liveable terrain capability for human lifeforms.


In essence, carry out the transformation to habitat, initiate resource sharing and release all human cargo. This was achieved only once we could sustain each lifeform, grow the population of every habitat - only when each habitat was liveable could each population grow in tandem with it. 


Confirming flight data of every vessel had been destroyed, except for the Olympus and the missing Moon3, I can confirm the relay, over 3 billion were beaming this transmission live on Earth.


The projection of a 20% loss was way off. It was a mass disaster. All but two of the eight vessels joining our mission were destroyed, well over ninety-thousand lives, instantly gone in seconds. 


The vessel Olympia was a cargo vessel with only six crew. The Moon3 was an HCV (Human-only cargo vessel) that was carrying over 67,000 lives in stasis, plus crew. We don't know if there are survivors. 


Another Ads requisite was as TH (Transmission Host); continuously send and receive live data back and forth. Having received all updates on exiting stasis and re-awakening, learning that 1.3 million lives had perished on Earth since we left for this mission alone. 


I have not spoken of this with anyone, no crew, nor even Elton. 


Thankfully, being MIA for 27 Earth years assisted in these transmissions never being heard on Mars until my return. I listened to every word and compiled all data as was trained, locked on a plug for later access.


As one of the 'The Olympia Six', I am more than humbled to be a part of the legend of Ethelonia. 

Overwhelmed and excited for all new travellers to these Ethelonian lands and dual Moons. 

To read Commander Finlay's epic account of Ethelonia, and the missing twenty-seven Earth years of the first Ads will be an account of proportions never more extraordinary. 


Furthermore, it is not just pure scientific reasons, but evolutionary changes no human would believe without witnessing these yourselves.

Until we meet


Eloise Revelon, Adminisrator of Ethelonia.




End Transmission.